on money

ongoing interviews, 2016-present

„Growing up in former Yugoslavia I witnessed, from a child’s perspective, what was later called the worst episode of monetary inflation in history. The numbers depicting the value on the Dinar-notes were endlessly long so that we used to refer to certain notes by their color rather than the numeral. If the notes were not spent fast enough, sometimes within a single day, they already lost value and I could use them as play money. Consequently, being a billionaire at an early age was quite common in those days in Yugoslavia. I mostly liked to look at the pictures. On one of the notes was Nikola Tesla, our famous scientist who has recently also become famous in the US. I have attached him in the ‘promotional material’-section. These early experiences with an intangibility of a value left a deep impression and also a sense of a profound puzzle. They have been the personal spark for this project.“ — IH